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Why Potential Baseball Draft Picks Need an Advisor


As the baseball draft approaches, many young men are hoping their dedication and endless hours of practice will pay off. Finally on the cusp of seeing their baseball dreams come true, many dreamt of this moment from the time they took their first swing at T-ball. Parents alike are equally excited as they remember the years of practices and games on little league fields, and later at the collegiate level – all leading to this very moment.


This time in a baseball player’s life carries almost limitless energy and emotion, which may hide the complexity and intricacies that sport contracts entail. Many players say, “I just want to play ball in the big leagues,” and many parents say, “We can handle the contracts and negotiations.” We understand both points of view; however, it is our business, as sport advisors, to make sure that the players we represent don’t miss out on great opportunities simply because they were taken advantage of by the system. Parents – we urge you to err on the side of caution because it is very easy to underestimate the resources that these teams have at their disposal.


Baseball is a Business

After you leave amateur baseball, whether we like it or not, baseball becomes a business. Professional teams exist for one reason – to turn a profit. Just like any other business, they do not want to pay any more than they need to, which means you, the rookie, will get paid as little as possible. This is where your advisor comes in. You have years of baseball experience, which is why you will be drafted. But you do not have years of experience dealing with NCAA rules, MLB rules and Collective Bargaining Agreements, and they do. They have a small army of lawyers and scouts that have literally decades of experience, and they hold almost all the cards. Let KPT Sports advisors even out the playing field for you.
While they hold most of the cards, you hold the one that they need more than anything: the talent and the sweat that will win exciting baseball games for their fans. With that one card, an advisor can help you get the most out of your first contract. Knowledge is power, and this your chance to not only make your dreams come true, but to make sure you are putting your best foot forward debuting in your new professional baseball career. This is your chance to walk on the field as a dominant pitcher! One of our advisors will guide you through the process. At KPT Sports, we will ensure all rules are in compliance and we will negotiate the best deal possible to meet your needs.