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Understanding the Bonus Pool in the MLB Draft


If you are an amateur baseball player entering the MLB draft, understanding how the bonus pool works is critical, and a KPT Sports advisor can help guide you through the process. Whether you are coming out of high school, junior college or a four year college, there are few things more rewarding than to be a draft prospect. The Player’s Association and MLB signed a five year Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2012 that puts slot values or recommended limits for signing bonuses for new players. Getting your share of the bonus pool is important, and as baseball player advisors we can bridge the gap of understanding and teach you how it works.

For example, this year, a player drafted in the seventh round can expect a signing bonus between $226,000 and $177,500 depending on the team. You can think of that slot value as the league’s “recommended signing bonus.” Bonuses for players drafted after the tenth round are soft capped at $100,000 or the amount over $100,000 count toward the bonus pool dollars. The amount the contract is signed for varies if you are a junior or senior. For example, a junior might be able to sign a “slot” contract, but because a senior will likely not be eligible for the draft next year, he might feel forced to sign for much less. Because the league’s rules are so complex, it is in a player’s best interest to have a KPT Sports advisor that can tell you if what the team is telling you is entirely truthful or not.