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Draft Eligibility for Amateur Baseball Players

Most baseball fans and sports fans in general understand that professional sport drafts are based on the teams’ previous season’s standings, in reverse order. Less well known are the specific rules about what amateur baseball players are actually eligible for during the MLB draft. KPT Sports can help navigate you through the complexities of the […]

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Understanding the Bonus Pool in the MLB Draft

If you are an amateur baseball player entering the MLB draft, understanding how the bonus pool works is critical, and a KPT Sports advisor can help guide you through the process. Whether you are coming out of high school, junior college or a four year college, there are few things more rewarding than to be […]

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Why Potential Baseball Draft Picks Need an Advisor

As the baseball draft approaches, many young men are hoping their dedication and endless hours of practice will pay off. Finally on the cusp of seeing their baseball dreams come true, many dreamt of this moment from the time they took their first swing at T-ball. Parents alike are equally excited as they remember the […]

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Business Of Baseball And Money

Don’t Sign a Bad Professional Baseball Contract!

When people talk about bad sports contracts, they’re often talking about top-level contracts that are bad for the teams that offer them – take, say, Alex Rodriguez’s pair of massively excessive contracts. Contracts like A-Rod’s often cripple teams, leaving them unable to afford other players to back up their headline stars.   But, while they […]

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How does Baseball Scouting Work?

In all major league sports, part of what makes a team competitive is how effective they are in locating talented players and, if they’re lucky, making them a part of the organization before someone else can. In pro football, this happens almost exclusively through the U.S. college system, using invitational combines and a draft system. […]

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