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Negotiating a Professional Baseball Contract

You’ve impressed the scout and there’s a chance you may get a contract to play professional baseball. But how do you approach the contract process? Players as individuals can determine the extent of a professional baseball contract, given a team scout’s research. The scout can bring statistics of a player’s performance and potential with an […]

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5 Steps to Selecting a Baseball Agent

Practice and playing have pushed your player to the next level: professional. When any level of professional baseball opens opportunities to a potential player, it’s critical to select the right agent for the player and the potential opportunities. Most players select a baseball agent when approaching professional or major league debuts. An agent will select […]

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Why You Need A Sports Agent

Consider the sports agent to be the keys to a long career. You can enter, exit, and travel through a career independently. But what about those doors of opportunity that you’re uncertain to approach? A baseball agent is the point of access and understanding with a thorough knowledge of the sports industry and your potential […]

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Sports Agent Lingo 101

Players know what an RBI, a knuckleball, and a hot stove league is. But what about the difference between advertising and public relations? Do you know the financial valuation of their potential contract team? A baseball agent knows these essential terms and can teach you, too. When you join your sports agent for a contract […]

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We love this game!

Throughout our agency’s history, our goals have been unwavering. Our entire team is built on the idea of loving what we do and having a passion for doing things right. Our culture is about building and operating our sports agency as a team, a team that provides our baseball players with superior and friendly quality […]

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