Your Success is Our Passion

This is without a doubt the key! Baseball is known as a money league.  Baseball is a game.  Baseball is a business.  Players must get the money they deserve at every opportunity they can.  A player’s career can be over in an instant. Our KPT Sports team of baseball agents, who are legal and athletic professionals, have over 25 years of combined experience in drafting and contract negotiations, including sports and entertainment deals. Player contracts, endorsements, and other kinds of legal agreements can contain dangerous pitfalls for inexperienced players and their representatives.
That is why it is critical to have experienced attorneys on your side to make sure your legal rights are protected and maximized in every deal. We will not be out-worked. We will maximize our baseball player’s earning potential at every opportunity.  We are aggressive negotiators and fight incredibly hard for every single dollar that our baseball players deserve.



CBA: Major League Baseball Players and agents are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The Basic Agreement is extremely comprehensive at 298 pages long; it is very detailed on the rights and obligations of professional baseball players. KPT Sports’ baseball agents have an extensive understanding of the current (2012-2016) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the MLB (Owners) and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA).


Sabermetrics: We are big proponents of a thorough understanding of evidence-based baseball analysis. The most widely used term is Sabermetrics. “Saber” comes from the acronym SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), of which KPT Sports is a member.

Why is it important? Because every team and club uses it in one form or another. Some rely on it virtually completely and most rely on and use it heavily. It impacts everything from how players get promoted and arbitration hearings to big contracts! Baseball has always been a game that fans can get into by tracking some simple statistics, such as batting average, RBI, and win-loss record, but of course the game is much more complicated and detailed than that.  KPT Sports’ baseball agents use our extensive knowledge of Sabermetrics to benefit our players at every level of the game.