Your Success is Our Passion


KPT Sports arranges personal appearances and merchandise endorsement agreements for both current and former professional athletes. Athletes without experienced agents can sign into endorsement contracts and miss out on capitalizing from every opportunity that may arise. KPT Sports knows the business of endorsements and marketing, and is committed to maximizing its clients’ ability to benefit from all opportunities. It’s KPT Sports’ responsibility to extend your fan base and make the most of your career.

KPT Sports has relationships with companies all over the country to provide its athletes with a multitude of opportunities in a variety of areas including shoes, trading cards, video games, sports drinks, car sponsorship, dealerships, equipment, phone companies, nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, small businesses, etc.

All athletes should be marketed. Many large agencies do not have enough time to market every client. At KPT Sports, you will receive the attention you deserve. You focus on your athletic career; we focus on your opportunities.